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Meet Our Team

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Jason Sery 


Jason began his career as an officer in 1996 with the Billings Police Department (Montana) and went on to work for the Portland Police Bureau. Jason currently works as a Patrol Sergeant for a mid-size agency in Oregon. 

On topic, Jason brings personal and professional experience to wellness and resiliency for police, and works closely with officers before and after critical incidents.


In 2021, Jason and his wife, Jennifer, established Foundation IV as a non-profit resource for police and first responders. Jason currently serves as the president of Foundation IV and completed his Master's Degree in Trauma and Crisis Response Counseling in August 2023.

Jason and Jennifer have been married for over 27 years and have two kids, Jack and Sophie.

Ben Howard 


Ben has an enormous amount of professional experience within the physical fitness, financial, and policing worlds in both California and Oregon. Ben started his police career over 18 years ago and remains a highly respected police trainer. Ben currently works as Patrol Sergeant.

Ben’s own journey of resilience is significant and has greatly contributed to his passion to help police and first responders maintain wellness and resiliency in all areas of life. 


Outside of police work, Ben and his wife are active in their church and community, and enjoy sports, cooking, and exploring the outdoors with their four kids.



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Aaron Oberst


Aaron is a 24 year police veteran and currently works as the Training Division Sergeant for a metro police agency. Aaron’s professional experience is weighty.


Throughout his career Aaron has substantial experience as a police trainer, tactical team operator, and supervisor. What stands out to anyone that meets Aaron is his humble, genuine, care for people. Aaron is passionate about continuing the conversation of wellness and resilience in our community of first responders.


Aaron and his wife,

Amy, have been married for over 24 years and have two daughters. They enjoy spending time as family camping, hunting, and fishing in the beauty of the Northwest. 


Jennifer Sery

(Training Coordinator)


Jennifer is a rock star. She and Jason met in high school and have been married for over 27 years. Her professional experience is substantial.

Over the past two and half decades Jennifer has worked as a retail manager, pediatric clinic manager, and in her current role as a 5th Grade teacher. Jennifer’s creativity and organizational skills are top-tier which makes her role with Foundation IV second to none.

A devoted wife and mother, Jennifer is passionate about her faith and desire to help others. In addition to coordinating training, Jennifer serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for Foundation IV.

Blackened Paper

Jack Sery

(Social Media/Logistics)


Jack is the son of Jason and Jennifer. Growing up in a police household, Jack developed an interest and understanding of police work from a young age. In high school he became a police cadet and began to consider a long-term path as a police officer.

A couple years later Jack’s interests began to shift. As he learned the depth of his dad’s story and the vision of Foundation IV, Jack felt the desire to help. His outgoing and caring demeanor makes it easy for Jack to connect with people.

As Jack continues his education through Liberty University, he has the long-term goal of working for faith-based non-profits to serve and help people. Jack enjoys traveling with is dad and connecting with police and first-responders from around the country.

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