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Foundation IV

Foundation IV was established to help develop and maintain wellness and resiliency for police and first responders. The core areas of focus are mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


How a term or topic is defined matters. Wellness and Resilience are terms that can change significantly depending on definition and application. Foundation IV uses the following:


Wellness: The ACTIVE process of developing, reinforcing, and maintaining mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Resilience: The ACTIVE process of developing, reinforcing, and maintaining strength and ability to move forward through challenges and adversity.

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It's in the Name

Our name relates to the connection between police and first responders with wellness and resiliency. Foundation represents the base of these aspects. We all understand the importance and necessity of a strong foundation. 


Building, reinforcing, and maintaining a solid foundation for overall wellness and resilience is paramount to establishing long-term health during and after a career of service. 


The Roman Numeral IV is a shortened representation of the term Code 4


Code 4 is a common and universal police code meaning situations are stable and under control. We apply this to the foundation and structure of our work to create a path for individuals and organizations to be stable and well in all areas of life.


Additionally, our context and structure are tied to four core pillars of a person -

Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. 

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Our Slogan:


We all face adversity.

It is a part of every life and often occurs at unpredictable and uncertain times. 

As police and first-responders we face adversity in unique, extreme, and relentless ways.

Our slogan represents our mission to change and redefine how we respond, cope, and work through adversity to be well and resilient for life.

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