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Frequently Asked Questions 

Helping Police and First Responders Redefine Adversity - Day 1 through Retirement.

What makes Foundation IV a nonprofit organization?

Foundation IV is an official tax-exempt nonprofit organization governed by a professional Board of Directors. This operating model means the board oversees the mission, bylaws, funding, and support to ensure the highest level of integrity. 


All support and donations for Foundation IV are regulated and monitored by the Board of Directors to comply with state and federal tax guidelines. Our treasurer, Jennifer Sery, keeps detailed accounts of every donation, which the board can access at any time. 


As a nonprofit organization, we operate differently from a for-profit business. We operate under a charitable model and have gained a Federal Tax-Exempt Status (EIN 88-2940344), allowing tax-deductible donations. 

For more information, please contact us at:

What do my donations fund?

Foundation IV now exclusively uses its resources to provide services and training to individuals and organizations with specific financial barriers. Scholarships are available for these situations. For more information, please contact us at

How do Online Donations, Fees, and Other Donation options work?

We use DonorBox to facilitate secure and streamlined options for online donations. This method allows donors to make one-time and ongoing donations via PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, and other payments. Donors using this method can also cover the associated service fees. These service fees are relatively small for many donations, and Foundation IV is very grateful to those who choose to cover these fees. 


Donors who do not wish to use an online option or wish to avoid the online service fees may contact us directly to donate via cash, check, or money order. 

How is Foundation IV connected to The Concept Wellness Group?

The Concept Wellness Group is the proud founder and partner of Foundation IV.


Foundation IV was established in 2021 to provide training and services to help police and first responders develop and maintain wellness and resiliency from Day 1 through Retirement. 

Like many organizations, Foundation IV has evolved over time to sharpen and expand its influence and mission. Many individuals and agencies have no financial resources to begin or continue this critical conversation. Foundation IV now exclusively uses its resources to provide services and training to individuals and organizations with specific financial barriers.

Foundation IV has scholarships available to help break down financial barriers so all can start, continue, and grow the conversation of wellness and resiliency within the first responder community. Our team volunteers our time for Foundation IV services.

For more information about The Concept Wellness Group, please visit our website at:

How do scholarships work?

Foundation IV seeks to make our training available to all individuals and agencies. We recognize there are many different situational needs and have scholarship funds available to help cover the cost of training. 


If you or your agency has specific financial barriers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

How does Connecting work?

Our team meets with first responders one-on-one and in small groups every week. Often, this time of individual connecting is a key to helping first responders access specific and tailored resources, process critical incidents, and uniquely provide another crucial support role in their lives.


Visit our Connecting page for more info. 

Other Questions?

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